Students will listen to MLK's I Have a Dream speech from August 1963.

Students will listen to excerpts from President Obama's recent speech in Georgetown on climate change.

Students will compare and contrast the speeches on both style and substance. 


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I Have a Dream Speech


Obama Speech on Climate Change (condensed)


Warm Up

Students will be asked if they have ever heard of the "I Have a Dream" speech by MLK.  A K-W-L exercise will follow.

New Material

Students will watch both speeches during class.


The videos will be stopped at times for reflection and guided conversation.


Students will complete a Venn Diagram analyzing how the speeches were similar and how they were different.

Closure and Reflection

Students will be asked to reflect on the speeches and all they have learned so far about the history of slavery and the movement towards civil rights in the context of Georgetown.  They will be asked to discuss this information and their reactions with their parents and to be thinking about ideas for their own "I Have a Dream" speech.