Students will learn that Separate But Equal ended in 1954 due to a Supreme Court decision.

Students will predict what happened in Georgetown as a result of Brown v Board of Education.

Students will learn that "white flight" began in earnest after the decision. 


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2. Michael Ross, “Brown vs Board of Education: The Education of a Nation,” MSNBC, February 15, 2005, accessed July 23, 2013, http://www.nbcnews.com/id/4021218/ns/us_news-life/t/brown-v-board-education-nation/#.Ue6ZAb-fcy4

Warm Up

Students will be told that the Supreme Court has "ruled" that people with brown eyes and people with blue eyes can no longer be separated in class.  Student reactions will be solicited.

New Material

The MSNBC article will be summarized for the students. 


The class will break into small groups to analyze its main points and relate them to their experience as brown eyed and non-brown eyed students, using a Venn Diagram to depict how each were treated separatedly (and, in some ways, the same).


Teacher will assess the oral responses of students.  Students will also spend five minutes or so drawing a map of Washington DC and creating a visual representation of what white flight meant for the demographics of the city.

Closure and Reflection

Teacher will stress the importance of treating everyone with respect and without discrimination when it comes to physical traits.  Students will be asked for their ideas on how that can be accomplished in middle school and beyond.