Students will practice reading a map depicting the Georgeton/Glover Park segregated schools during the era of "separate but equal."

Students will learn that the Supreme Court, about 30 years after the Civil War, sanctioned separate but equal in a landmark case known as Plessy v Ferguson. 


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Creator: Washington DC Board of Education
Source: Historical Society of Washington, DC
Date: circa 1899

Warm Up

Students will be divided into those with brown eyes and those with all other eye colors.  During the first iteration, the brown-eyed students will get priviliges and the others will be told that the brown-eyed students are better.

New Material

Students will be introduced to the segregated school map.


The brown-eyed students will sit on chairs and have desks to operate.  They will be given computers and iPads and be asked to do a fun math activity for about 10 minutes.

All the others students will sit on the floor and will be given a worksheet with math problems to solve.

The teacher will circulate through the room praising the brown-eyed students and saying that the others are not as good.

Then, the process will start again but the brown-eyed students will be the "lower class." 


Brief Quiz:

1. What does segregation mean? 

2. Briefly describe how white and black schools were organized during the time of legalized segregation? 

3. Was Fillmore school white or black?

4. Why do you think the Supreme Court would approve "Separate But Equal."

5. Do you think there are forms of segregation in the US today? 

Closure and Reflection

Students will talk about their experiences being in the "superior" and "lower" groups and how that made them feel.  Students will be asked whether the simulated segregation in class may have been similar to the segragation in the South due to the Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, etc.