Students will present projects that demonstrate what they can do to preserve / redefine What they want their Dunbar legacy to reflect.

Students will also answer the question, What am I going to do to add to the Legacy?



Students will utilize various resources that they have collected in order to make their presentations.

Warm Up

Students will answer the question, How important is Dunbar to DC History? And should all schools be encouraged to learn about the contributions of Dunbar to the history of Washington DC?

New Material


Students will have 10 minutes to defend their original hypothesis utilzing any of the predetermined formats, powerpoint, prezi, paper etc. First the student will state what their original hypothesis was and indicate if they have modified their hypothesis based on the research that they have conducted.


Students will be assessed by both their peers as well as by the teacher. following the prescribed rubric.

Closure and Reflection

Students will write their final reflection in their journals about this project and will be allowed to share for extra credit