Students will create Oral Histories with Dunbar Alumni around the theme of legacy.



Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History

© Judith Moyer 1993, Revised 1999

Warm Up

Students will be introduced to participating alumni and asked to guess the year each graduated from Dunbar.

New Material

The Alumni will be the main resourse utilized in this lesson as students will utilize their survey questions to get a sense of what Dunbar was like in the past an why students were proud to say that they graduated from Dunbar.

Alumni Evaluation

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Class will begin in the School's Dunbar museum. Students and alumni will intermingle as each group peruse the Museum.This lesson will then shift to the media center where I will go over the Step by Step Guide to Oral History and after each group has had some time to talk with their alumni our media specialist Claude Nadir and Robert Wallace will call both the interviewer and interviewee up to record their stories for posterity.


Student assessment will be done by the Alumni that have been interviewed each alumnus will rate the questions that were asked and the interview skills of the students and offer feedback at the end of the class.

Closure and Reflection

Students will write in their journals about the accomplishments of the Dunbar alumni that were interviewed and discuss whether or not their defintion of legacy has been influenced by the interviews.

Copies of the interviews will be made available in the Dunbar museum at Dunbar,the Sumner museum and the Washington Historical Society.