Students will select specific Dunbar / M street alumni to determine their contribution to the Long Civil Rights Movement.

Students will analyze and update the '12 Things that Every Negro Should Know' pamphlet that was written by Dunbar alumnus Nannie Helen Burroughs and discuss their relavance in today's terms.

Students will create at least 10 survey questions that attempt to capture What Legacy means to both current Dunbar students and Alumni. 



First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America’s First Black Public High School. by Allison Stewart

Anna J. Cooper A Voice from the South by Louise Daniel Hutchinson 

The Mis Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson

New Negro Alliance

Download this file


Download this file

NNA and Safeway

Warm Up

Students will be asked to write down as many Dunbar alumni as they can in one minute. Then students will be asked to consider their contemporaries and list those who are most likely to continue the Dunbar legacy of civil rights activism.

New Material

Students will be given several names of famous Dunbar alumni on a KWL chart and asked to complete the chart. Four seperate sheets will be circulated around the class and students will be directed to break into groups based on which KWL chart they recieve. After about 10 minutes of discussion amongst the groups the class will reconvene to share what we know and discuss things that we want to know about each alumni.

The teacher will then introduce the New Negro Alliance and the participation of Dunbar alumni in organizing mass boycotts. Students will then complete the Learn section of the KWL chart for homework as we transition into Nannie Helen Bourroughs and the 12 things that every Negro should Know.

Each student will be given a copy of the list by Ms. Burroughs and will be asked to critique each point for its relavence in 2013.  Students will be instructed to go point by point and discuss each point in their groups. Finally, each group will concentrate on three points and update them for 2013. We will post both the new version and Nannie's version on the wall outside of the class for other Dunbar students to view.



Students will be evaluated based on how complete their KWL charts are as well as their ability to defend their crtiques of Nannie Helen Burroughs.

Closure and Reflection

As usual students will be asked to journal about their experience in class today and reflect on percieved gains and losses in civil rights by the African American community.