Students will analyze slave narratives from the 1800's and identify the hardships faced by blacks during that era.


Common Core Standards: 1.  Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary source. 
DCPS Standard: 8.10.6.  Identify the conditions of enslavement, and explain how slaves adapted and resisted in their daily lives.


Slave Narratives

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Warm Up

The students will be given a warm up question that they must respond to within 5-7 minutes.  A short class discussion would follow.  Question:  How was life different for blacks during the time of slavery and today?  Give specific examples.

New Material

Students will be working in groups of 3/4.  Each group of students will be given 3 primary source documents on slave narritives.  They will be asked to analyze each document and then create one question based on bloom's sentence stems.  Some groups would have rigorous questions, some less rigorous.  They will be given 10-15 minutes to read and create their questions.  A short Q and A will follow with students randomly selected, posing their questions to the rest of the group.  Following the Q and A, students will complete a triple venn diagram on the slave narratives they just read.  They are to complete the venn as a group.

The goal of the activity is to get the students to become aware of the difficulties faced by blacks in this country during the time of slavery.


Students will work in groups to complete a triple venn diagram on slave narratives. 


At the end of the venn diagram activity, students will be brought back together as a group.  I will then use a popsicle stick activity to call on students and create a classroom venn on the board.

Closure and Reflection

To end the lesson, students will participate in a whip around activity.  They would have the choice of saying: what they learned, what they already knew or what they still have a question about.