Tudor Place Visit: By the end of this lesson,students will:

  • visit Tudor Place and will have taken a walking tour of Georgetown as it relates to Antebellum times.
  • act as docents during the walking tour, giving their prepared talks to the class and connecting these places to people, times, and events that occurred.
  • will take a tour of Tudor Place and its grounds and learn about both the family, their slaves, and the free persons who worked there. 
  • will participate in the "Would You Run?" workshop presented by the staff of Tudor Place
  • come to appreciate the complexity of the relationships between Blacks and Whites, free and enslaved people, and the Government. 
  • appreciate the architectural meanings in both the placement of homes and their interiors


DC Content Power Standards :
1.6, 1.7, 1.9 Influences on American Revolution, Formation of Constitution, Effects of Civil War and Reconstruction
DC Content Supporting Standards:
DCPS 11.1.9: Explain the effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction and of the Industrial Revolution, including demographic shifts and the emergence in the late 19th century of the United States as a world power. (G, P, E)
DC Historical and Social Studies Skills Standards:
HCI.1, HCI.3, HCI.7 Compare Past to Present, Connecting Events and Trends, Meaning/Impact of Historical Events
Common Core Reading for Literacy in Social Studies Standards:
RH.11-12.1, 2 , 4, 10: Cite textual evidence, summarize, vocab, read complex texts
Common Core Writing for Literacy in Social Studies Standards:
WHST.11-12.8a, 8c, 5a Use print and digital sources, Determine value of a source, Brainstorming, Outlining


Tudor Place was built by Martha Washington's granddaughter, Martha Custis Peter, and her husband, Thomas Peter, son of a successful Scottish tobacco merchant beginning in 1805. Completed in 1816, Tudor Place remained under the owndership of six succeeding generations of the Peter family until 1893.

Following the death of its last owner, Armistead Peter 3rd, the historic site opened to the public in 1988 under the stewardship of the Tudor Place Foundation. Tudor Place brings to life the cultural and social history of over 180 years of the Peter family.

(Tudor Place Historic House and Garden,www.tudorplace.org/history.html)

Georgetown walking tour

Tudor House tour and various artifacts

Would You Run? Project at Tudor House regarding slave escapes

Warm Up

Students will meet at Tudor House Gardens at 1PM on a Sunday afternoon. The guide will ask a number of questions to prepare them for what they are going to be seeing.

Tudor Place Task Assignments

Download this file

New Material

This lesson is driven by the Tudor House Guides


Students will do researh on a topic they have chosen, and make their presentations during the Tudor Place tour.


There will be an informal assessment on the day of the trip in the form of a 20 minute group discussion.

A more formal assessment will be done with their presentations and papers.

Closure and Reflection

We will go around the circle to discuss interesting perspectives on what they have learned. Student volunteers will take the role of Moderator and Scribe.