School of Education, Teaching & Health
ePortfolio and Assessment Management System

Welcome to the ePortfolio and Assessment Management System! This system has been created for all students connected to American University's School of Education, Teaching & Health for the purpose of tracking their program progress and for easily building and maintaining an electronic teaching portfolio.

You may login to this system using your Eaglenet username and password. If you do no have an Eaglenet username and password, learn more here.

You will be able to use this system to collect the work that you do throughout your studies at the School of Education, Teaching & Health. You will use this system from your first semester to gather and reflect upon the work you do in your classes and in any teaching-related activities. Later, you will use the system to create your culminating exit portfolio.

Terms of Use:

Your participation and use of the School of Education, Teaching and Health Assessment Management System ("System") is a requirement of the degree program in which you are enrolled. As part of the use of the System, you understand that you will be voluntarily submitting personally identifiable information onto the System. By using this System you expressly (i) consent and authorize the University to include any additional educational records, as the University sees fit, related to your degree program onto the System; and (ii) consent to the University collecting and using this information in accordance with evaluating your work and, on an aggregated basis, to use non-personally identifiable information for the purposes of accreditation and any reporting requirements. By logging into the system, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

Portfolio and Assessment System Highlights:
  • Academic Program Management - the student snapshot helps you to track how you are progressing through program requirements.
  • Forms Manager - you can electronically complete assessments used in your coursework and field experience
  • ePortfolio Manager - organized by new teacher standards (INTASC, CEC).
    • Ability to upload artifacts (documents, images, movies, etc.) that show your mastery of teaching standards.
    • Ability to add "custom" pages for artifacts beyond the standards.
  • Feedback - Your professors, cooperating teachers, supervisors and mentors will be able to review and offer feedback to about your artifacts.

The School of Education, Teaching & Health is committed to advancing theory and professional practice through its programs and the scholarly activities of our faculty. The faculty recognize the significance of education in contemporary life, the potential of education for each individual, and our special responsibilities to produce individuals prepared for the twenty-first century. The School seeks to achieve its goals though creative teaching, rigorous research, and professional service. It is committed to ongoing social change, societal improvement, and advancing individual welfare and potential. Graduates of its programs act as agents of social change through work as health professionals, teachers, researchers, managers, and administrators. They share a professional belief in working towards excellence, equity, community, and diversity.